460 hectare Master Plan

CINITY is the newest and last township in Cikarang, spanning 460 hectares. It comprises a 35-hectare thematic semi-outdoor mall, over 22 hectares of greenbelt, an 80-hectare CBD, along with residential areas, educational institutions, and healthcare centers.

50 hectare Master Plan

The first phase of development focuses on 50 hectares, featuring a modern landscape that integrates with nature. Positioned as a new icon in Cikarang, CINITY is located in the heart of Cikarang's city center.


460-hectare township smart city. The largest and first in the heart of Cikarang, a township area distinct from industrial zones. It serves as the largest shopping tourism area surrounded by business centers and residential hubs within. Emerging as a new cityscape with modern landscaping integrated with nature.

Harmony of the future and nature unfolds here.

Experience the perfect blend of futuristic urban living seamlessly intertwined with the tranquility of nature.

World Class

Experience world-class city infrastructure like never before.

10 meters Pedestrian

Experience safe and comfortable strolls on our 10-meter-wide sidewalk.

Illumination Lighting

Experience the city’s enchanting beauty at night, where the mesmerizing glow of lights captivates every soul.

Smart City Concept

Experience the smart city with an integrated smart technology that connects all city facilities and everyone within it.

6 to 8 Lane Road

Navigate through the expansive streets, adorned with 6 to 8 lanes of vehicular arteries, where opportunities stretch as far as the eye can see. Each lane a path to potential, beckoning you to forge your own route to success.

International Theme Cluster

Breakfast in London, lunch in Amsterdam, shopping in Morocco, hangout in Paris, and dinner in Japan at night.

Amsterdam Promenade

The elegance of Amsterdam, with modern functionality. Feel the comfort of Amsterdam's ambiance with a touch of the Amsterdam Canal, surrounded by popular coffee shops and a variety of culinary delights.

Japanese Promenade

Perfect combination of authentic Japanese ambiance, Sakura blossom vibes, Japanese Matsuri events, and branded Japanese goods. Enjoy the coolness of Japan all in one place.

London Promenade

Experience strolling through London with authentic architectural landmarks, iconic cuisine, and bustling streets reminiscent of London. With the signature BigBang touch, discover the comfort of touring like in London right here

Moroccan Village

Immerse yourself where the warm atmosphere of Moroccan hospitality awaits. Detailed ornamental designs transport visitors to the bustling Moroccan marketplace, complete with its characteristic array of art, stores, and night markets.

Parisian Promenade

The greatest peak of romantic love haven Community, Fashion, and entertainment. With a design that creates a romantic ambiance, the architecture of love is filled with various Parisian entertainments.

Turkiye Village

The most authentic east west destination. Culinary, Tourism and events awaits at Turkiye Village. Vibrant events unfold amidst the sensational exoticism of each building, adorned with the lively glow of lights at every corner.